Bitcoin is security,
equality and independence.

Decrypting Money – the book to deepen your understanding of Bitcoin.

What this book will teach you

The Money and Crypto Evolution

How the Blockchain Network Functions

How to Move Away from Bank Cards

Bitcoin is more than an investment

In Decrypting Money, cryptocurrency experts Marco Krohn, Anthony Jefferies, Marco Streng, and Zoran Balkic pull back the curtain on the world of public ledgers, decentralization, mining, blockchains, and private keys. They reveal a place where funds are safely—and quickly—transferred over insecure networks and printing presses cannot debase your money.

For everyone from the Bitcoin novice to the experienced user, this insightful resource explains the characteristics of sound money, and shows you the deep rabbit hole of cryptocurrencies. Without technical jargon or complicated formulae, this book gives you the jumpstart you need to understand cryptocurrencies and make your money truly yours.

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Garry Kasparov, Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation
and the 13th World Chess Champion:

“Everyone has heard a lot about Bitcoin since it appeared a decade ago, but few really understand it. The authors of Decrypting Money do, and there can be no better reference to understanding what Bitcoin is and why it matters. While I’m no cryptocurrency expert, I know a revolution when I see one. The world is in need of new ideas and new solutions, and the promise of Bitcoin is to bring radical speed and security improvements to one of the basic building blocks of our society, money.

Decrypting Money is an invaluable guide to the risks and rewards of the Bitcoin revolution, whether you want to join it yourself or only to be an informed observer.

Time will tell if Bitcoin is, as the authors posit, ‘the most paradigm-shifting technology since the microprocessor,’ but after reading this book I wouldn’t bet any Bitcoins against it!”

Erik Voorhees, Founder of ShapeShift

“In an industry full of noise, signal is vital. Decrypting Money is that signal: a lucid review of the most radical technology of the 21st century. As works money, so works the world, and as money changes from state-based fiat to market-based cryptocurrency, power structures will be altered, and hopefully, humanity much advanced.”

Michael Saylor,
Chairman and Founder of Microstrategy:

Since the beginning, humanity has struggled under the burden of imperfect money, resulting in chronic inflation escalating over time and leading inevitably to societal collapse. Bitcoin is the first engineered monetary system, respecting the laws of thermodynamics and the principles of mathematics, representing a sound technical, ethical, and economic foundation upon which to build the economy of the future.

Ross L. Stevens
Founder & CEO, Stone Ridge Holdings Group:

“Some things need to be believed to be seen. Bitcoin was one of those things. Satoshi relentlessly iterated so that what he believed was ultimately seen. Working quietly and out of view, he ignored the impulses of others to seek recognition. He didn’t believe that those out there in the limelight were getting the better end of the deal. He was too busy loving his work to do anything else.

Satoshi’s genius is as unquestioned as it is now taken for granted.  I suspect he would have wanted it that way – in every truly profound, human-driven paradigm shift, the important thing is the idea, not the man.  The authors masterfully bring Satoshi’s idea to life, with the clarity and insight only possible from world-class, subject matter experts in a field.  For everyone from novice to black belt seekers about the importance of non-state money and the power of Bitcoin to accelerate human freedom, Decrypting Money is must-read material.”


Marco Streng

Marco Streng is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Digital Assets, one of the largest industrial-scale Bitcoin mining companies in the world. In 2013 Marco was studying to become a mathematician when he first discovered Bitcoin. He became fascinated by the underlying technology and assembled his first Bitcoin miner in his dorm room before rapidly expanding and building industrial-scale mining farms around the world. Before Genesis Digital Assets, Marco co-founded Genesis Mining and Genesis Group.

Marco Krohn

Marco Krohn studied mathematics, physics and economics. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and worked for several years for an investment bank. When he learned about Bitcoin he quit his bank job to join the cryptocurrency revolution. Marco is the co-founder of many successful blockchain companies, including Genesis Digital Assets, the world’s largest mining company, Genesis Mining and Genesis Group.

Anthony Jefferies

Anthony Jefferies studied mathematics and engineering, and completed his PhD in the field of numerical simulation of combustion. He worked for more than 10 years at major German car manufacturers, performing computational fluid calculations in the research and development division. Since discovering Bitcoin, he has been involved in a number of cryptocurrency projects, including a cryptocurrency exchange and the development of quantitative tools for bitcoin data analysis.

Zoran Balkic

Zoran Balkic has been a computer scientist since he was a child, and studied and then taught computer science at university for 15 years. His first Bitcoin project in 2013 involved using SMS to buy Bitcoin, and he went on to found and lead successful companies in the cryptocurrency industry. His interest in education continues, and he is an active participant in the Croatian Bitcoin community.